Police and ACT Foundation organize Time to ACT project workshops in Tulkarm

Police and ACT Foundation organize Time to ACT project workshops in Tulkarm
25 May 2022

Yesterday, Tuesday, May 24, 2022, ACT Foundation for Conflict Resolution implemented, in partnership with the Palestinian Police, a workshop in Tulkarm Governorate entitled (Crime Scene Preservation) within the Time to Act project with the support of GIZ, and the workshop was held in the Chamber of Commerce Hall with the participation of 90 representatives of institutions The local community in Tulkarm.

The Police Public Relations and Media Department stated that Colonel Samer Al-Zitawi, Director of the Public Relations and Media Branch of the Governorate Police, welcomed the attendees, conveying to them the greetings of Brigadier General Moussa Yadak, Director of the Governorate Police, stressing the importance of partnership with local community institutions and the importance of such workshops to protect the crime scene and not tamper with it to reach the truth and reveal The perpetrators of crimes as soon as possible to preserve the rights and security of the citizen, expressing his thanks to the attendees for their interest and their response to this invitation by their attendance and participation in this workshop

Speaking at the beginning of the workshop Mr. Mohammad Hadieh, a representative of the Act Foundation for Conflict Resolution, thanked the police leadership and its unlimited support in order to provide the best services to the citizen, and pointed out the importance of the partnership approach between the police and the various components of the local community.

In turn, Engineer Ragheb Abu Diak, Director of Local Government, and Prof. Asmaa Odeh, the legal advisor to the governorate, on the importance of joint cooperation with the police in order to preserve justice and the criminal system, and solidarity in order to detect crimes, and that society as a whole is part and first responder in order to fight crime and support the police and security services in order to spread security and safety.

The workshop touched on three angles to preserve the crime scene, the first about the first responder to the crime scene to preserve forensic evidence presented by Major Salim Jebat, Director of the Forensic Evidence Department, the second about introducing the forensic laboratory presented by Major Dania Nassara from the Police Forensic Laboratory Department, and the third on electronic crime and digital crime scenes It was presented by Colonel Samer Al Hindi, Director of the Cybercrime Department.

It is worth noting that the first workshop of the project was inaugurated in Ramallah governorate by Major General Youssef Al-Helou, Director General of Police, and two complementary workshops will be held in Tulkarm during the next week.