Request for Quotation # ACT220201

Request for Quotation # ACT220201
09 حزيران - 22 حزيران

Dear Vendor,

You are hereby invited to participate in this RFQ for items listed in the document ITB# 0001. Your bid must be submitted in accordance with the ACT Instructions and General and Special Conditions of Contract, copies of which are attached.

Your Proposal / Bid must be submitted on the attached form RFQ No. ACT220201 to the mailing address for quotations listed hereunder.  Your bid must be received before the indicated time and date of closure at the specified mailing address designated below.

  1. Tender Samples:  YES

You are requested to submit samples of the items offered, please note that failure to do so may render your bid invalid. Please also note that Tender submissions may be forwarded separately from the "sample" to the official mailing address indicated hereunder.

However, sample(s) should reach ACT’s office prior to the tender closure date; otherwise, the bid will not be considered.  Samples submitted should each be clearly marked with the same item number which is used on the Bid Form. 

Sample packaging must be clearly marked “SAMPLES” with the RFQ number (ACT220201) and the Bidder's name.

  1. Items to be submitted after tender being awarded shall include the logo of Palestinian Police & a QR code.
  2. Transport and delivery cost must be included.
  3. Required minimum validity of offer:  60 Calendar Day from the date of Quotation closure.
  4. Required delivery date:  30/06/2022
  5. Required delivery term: Delivery at ACT Conflict Resolution Office or at ACT partners’ offices in West Bank governorates.
  6. ACT is committed to quality without any commitment to lowest prices.
  7. Payment terms: Within 30 days of invoice receiving.
  8. Currency: Euro
  9. Tender Closure:  : 21/06/2022 at 16:00 pm local time
  10. SUBMISSION OF BIDS: Your offer should be submitted by means of sealed and stamped envelope By hand at ACT's office  address: ACT Conflict Resolution Office, Beit Hanina- Dahyet Albarid - Jibril Al-Mutran, 21 Tel: 02-2353861
  11. Quote prices for each item should be without VAT and other Taxes.
  12. Advertising fees in newspaper are paid by the awarded contractor.


ITB and conditions of contract can be accessed through the link:

Request for Quotation # ACT220201