Young Mediators

Young Mediators
17 October 2021

Young mediators, which is being implemented in partnership with the Switzerland representative office-Palestine, aims to enable young leaders and enhance their abilities, skills, knowledge and competencies to perform as mediators on community and political conflicts. Working on this project is based on empowering youth with the personal skills needed to work as mediators in addition to motivating them through theoretical and practical trainings that they will attend throughout the period of this project.


Project Goals
  • Cultivating a culture of dialogue as a firm approach to deal with issues related to public affairs, and using effective tools in communication to resolve conflicts by adopting mediation as a voluntary process in which a third party "mediator" participates between the conflict parties, where the constructive dialogue method is used to resolve the conflict without the authority to impose the solution by this Mediator.
  • Enhancing the community participation of young people from marginalized areas by engaging them in capacity-building exercises and raising the level of skills they have in the tools needed by the mediator such as communication, problem solving, how to deal with bias, imbalance of power, active listening, paraphrasing, and advanced problem-solving skills.
  • Expose youth to an intensive learning experience to analyse conflict and work towards a deeper understanding of the stage of the mediation model.
  • Consolidate the concept of mediation model through practical experience.
  1. Representative Office of Switzerland - Palestine
Targeted Areas

This project targets 20 young females and males between the ages 20-35 years, taking into account the integration of people with disabilities from East Jerusalem and the west bank.