The Tenth Episode of Mediation Forum Titled "Remote Mediation"

The Tenth Episode of Mediation Forum Titled "Remote Mediation"
01 February 2023

ACT Conflict Resolution highlights in its tenth episode of the mediation forum the remote mediation, also known as, virutal mediation.

ACT Conflict Resolution hosted on Wednesday the 1st of February 2023 in its tenth webinar via ZOOM Adv. Fehmi Rashid Karami, who is a graduate of law from the Lebanese University in the year 1994 in the field of law. Fehmi enrolled in the BAR association in Tripoli in the year 1996. He is a lawyer and a main partner in Fehmi Rashid Law Firm for advocacy and legal consultation in Tripoli - Lebanon. Fehmi is a practising mediator and is also a certified trainer in this field. 

Fehmi, through an interesting style of discourse, presented multiple axis of discussion with Faten Ben Lamine. He began with a linguistic definition of mediation saying that it is a process of intervening between people rightfully and in justice. Fehmi indicated that the term "mediation" could denote intervening between parties of the dispute in order to apply both justice and rights the parties seek. Fehmi has specified that it is not easy to determine when mediation has risen throughout history; because mediation rose with the rise of people and accompanied them through their social development. Divine religions in their entirity focused on inviting people to conciliation and resolving conflicts in good will. Therefore, mediation gained a feature of it being adhered to the character that  distinguishes humanbeings from the rest of creatures of the earth, the morality of the human kind.

 Fehmi has also defined mediation as a mean of resolving disputes, it is a method that depends in its essence on the willingness of both parties of the dispute to reslove the issue in a loving manner. Mediation could denote the intervention of a third person (the mediator) who can be both neutral and independant in helping the parties to arrive to a satisfactory solution. Fehmi has indicated that the mediator plays the role of a Maestro who leads a musical band; the mediator organizes and encourages the parties to initiate dialogue, moreover, he aids them in understanding each other in order to determine common interests and finding propable solutions. Fehmi emphasized that the mediator is only responsible for managing the mediation process. 

The toolkit of the mediator in face to face mediation does not differ from that of virtual \ remote mediation. One of these tools can be effective communication since mediation bases itself on dialogue and conversation. The mediator utilizes other sets of skill namely: Dealing with  emotions, and dealing with temprement. 

The mediator also deals with negotiation as a tool that facilitates coming to terms with a creative solution for both parties. The difference between Face-To-Face mediation and remote \ virtual mediation can be seen in the idea that face-to-face mediation requires additional skills which in their turn allow having a safe environment enabling both parties of the dispute to talk to each other and express themselves. 

Fehmi has indicated that the mediator cannot conduct the remote\ virtual mediation process without him knowing the tools and technical aspects of the application used for the meeting. Moreover, the mediator must pay attention to eying the camera when speaking, as well as making sure that his body gestures can appear within the camera borders for example. 

The mediator can hold individual meeting through Zoom breakout rooms, then bring the parties of the dispute back to a mutual room where both parties can come face-to-face with each other. All of this requires the mediator to be knowledgable in controlling the applications used to moderate the mediation process between the parties. 

In the end, Fehmi allowed tha participants of the mediation forum to ask questions and provided the opportunity to have a conversation about the topic. It must be noter that approximately 50 attendees has participated in the tenth episode of the mediation forum. 

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